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FEKO - An Altair Product

In 1994, after completing their PhDs at the University of Stellenbosch, Gronum Smith and Frans Meyer established EM Software & Systems, a company consulting in electromagnetics.  EMSS quickly identified the local and international need for the simulation of antennas on electrically large platforms. A hybrid solution between the accurate method of moments and asymptotic high frequency techniques promised to be an elegant and practical solution.  Cooperation between EMSS and Ulrich Jakobus, who did research on these hybrid techniques at the University of Stuttgart, followed and resulted in the commercial code FEKO.

In the early 2000s EMSS offices were established in the USA, Germany and later in China.  In 2003 the South African company split into three entities:

  • EM Software & Systems–S.A., focusing on the development of FEKO
  • EMSS Consulting, which provides equipmentsoftware and services for the establishment and maintenance of RF safety compliance at mobile network sites
  • EMSS Antennas, for R&D on advanced antennas, e.g. the Square Kilometer Array


In 2014, EM Software & Systems–S.A. closed a deal with Altair, with Altair acquiring 100% of the company and its international distributor offices in the United States, Germany, and China.  This development will see FEKO eventually being added to the HyperWorks® suite.

Coincidentally, this agreement was concluded shortly after the 20th year celebration of EMSS!  The operations of EMSS Consulting and EMSS Antennas are unaffected by the Altair transaction and will continue with their business as usual.

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Exhibitions, Training, Events

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The FEKO student competition is an annual event that is open to entry for all students who use FEKO as part of their academic work.  More information... Subscribe to FEKO e-News