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2013 FEKO Webinar Series

A number of webinars were presented in 2013. The topics and links to the recordings are listed here.

Time Domain Field / Cable Coupling Analysis for EMC Applications

Presenter:              Dr Marlize Schoeman: Kernel Research & Development

Many modern electromagnetic systems involve cables. From an EMC and EMI perspective it is crucial that coupling effects involving these cables and other devices (e.g. antennas) are already taken into account in the design process. The susceptibility and emissions performance of a  complex system will be illustrated with focus on time domain principles and results.

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Overview of FEKO Suite 6.3

Presenter:              Dr Ulrich Jakobus:  Director & FEKO Product Manager

This webinar gives an overview of the new features in the FEKO Suite 6.3 release from October 2013 and their application to the solution of practical electromagnetic problems. It covers both new user interface features, such as advanced CAD fixing tools and application automation, as well as extensions to the computational kernel of FEKO, e.g. fast continuous far-field calculations, curvilinear higher order basis functions, extensions to the characteristic mode solver, etc.

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Intelligent Design with Characteristic Mode Analysis

Presenter:              Danie Ludick : FEKO Kernel Engineer

Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) gives insight into the resonating behaviour of structures such as antennas.  This helps designers to follow a systematic, intelligent design approach, through the insight provided by the eigenvalue spectrum and the eigenvector distribution.

In this webinar we look at some background theory to CMA and present several case studies which highlight how CMA facilitates antenna design and place.

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CAD Fixing in FEKO

Presenter:              Mel van Rooyen : Senior Technical Support Engineer

A new set of geometry manipulation tools have been developed for FEKO Suite 6.3. These tools, available in CADFEKO, are dedicated to the repair of a range of CAD geometry problems. It prepares the fault-containing CAD model for FEKO analysis by reducing complexity and faults in the model.

The repair part and hole filling tools are some of the highlights that will be demonstrated.

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Antenna Design & Analysis using FEKO, Antenna Magus & Optenni Lab

Presenter:               Ernst Burger : Team Leader FEKO Services

FEKO, Antenna Magus and Optenni Lab form a powerful tool chain for the design of complete antenna solutions.  The tools combine antenna synthesis based on a search for antenna properties, full-wave simulation of the antenna and automated matching of the antenna with discrete component passive networks.  This webinar will demonstrate the flow of information from Antenna Magus to FEKO and subsequent matching of the antenna with Optenni Lab.  It will be of interest to anyone interested in antenna design or application of these tools to a practical problem.

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