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Student Competition Winner 2008

Announcement of the FEKO student competition winner for 2008.
Student Competition Winner 2008

Birk, Werker and Holzapfel's Building with Dipole Array Far-Field Pattern

The student competition entries raised the standard of work that is to be expected from these entries again in 2008!  Good work with a variety of applications were entered into the competition, including Luneberg lenses, microstrip antennas for Wi-Fi application, etc.  Congratulations to all entrants.  Competition was very close, so do not hesitate to enter again next year!


The winners of the 2008 students competition was Markus Birk, Stephan Werker and Jens Holzapfel from the High Frequency Laboratory at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, studying under the guidance of Prof. Rainer Kronberger.  The topic of their entry was: "Modified Corner Reflection Yagi for Shortwave under Consideration of Building Properties".  Markus, Stephan en Jens created a design for a dipole antenna at low frequencies (3.5 to 28 MHz), which used the corner reflection characteristics of their bulding to create a much higher gain antenna than is typically expected from a dipole antenna.  The wires of the Yagi were modelled with the Method of Moments and the effect of the buildings were included by Physical Optics approximation.  Various aspects of the design were numerically validated, including far-field radiation pattern, near-field radiation patterns (including radiation hazard evaluations), input impedance, etc.  The winner's prize is normally a choice of a notebook computer or a trip to an academic conference, but as all three co-workers can not share this prize, they will be awarded a €400 gift voucher from as prize.

Aerial view of building
Near-field of antenna next to building
Birk_real_building_web.jpg Birk_NF_building_web.jpg

Honourable mention

Given the exceptional standard of entries that we received, two honourable mention prizes of $200 each were awarded to the following entrants:

  • Shaun Walker for an entry titled: "Surface Curvature Effects on the Scan Element Pattern of a Sector Electric-Dipole Array above a Cylindrical PEC Surface", from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA, under the guidence of Dr. Deb Chatterjee.
  • Yijun Zhou for an entry titled: "Analysis and Design of a Single-Fed Tri-band GPS Antenna using FEKO", from Ohio State University, USA, under the guidence of Dr. Chi-Chih Chen and Dr. John Volakis.