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Learn more about the wide range of applications in electromagnetic engineering of FEKO and Antenna Magus.
thumbnail 60x60 antenna analysis Antenna Analysis
Analysis of wide-ranging antennas.
thumbnail 60x60 waveguide
Rapid analysis of complex waveguide filters, couplers, etc.
thumbnail 60x60 antenna placement ver2
Antenna Placement
FEKO is a leading solution to such challenging problems
radome_60x60_2 Radome
Complex shapes, multi-layer, electrically large
thumbnail 60x60 antenna synthesis ver2
Antenna Synthesis
Use Antenna Magus with FEKO to synthesise complex antenna geometries
thumbnail 60x60 microstrip circuits
Microstrip Circuits
Optimised MoM formulation for layered media
thumbnail 60x60 bio EM
FEKO is ideal for modelling human-structure EM interaction
thumbnail 60x60 automotive
Address antenna placement, cable coupling, EMC, etc.
thumbnail 60x60 cable coupling
Cable Coupling
Radiation and irradiation of cables in complex environments can be modelled.
thumbnail 60x60 aerospace
Aircraft, satellites, antenna placement, scattering, etc.
thumbnail 60x60 special materials
Special Materials
FSS, metamaterials, anisotropic materials (e.g. carbon fibre), etc.
thumbnail 60x60 naval
Antenna placement, mast configurations, RADHAZ, etc.
thumbnail 60x60 RCS
Radar Cross Section
Scattering by large metallic/dielectric/composite structures
thumbnail 60x60 RFID
From patches to reader antennas in complex environments
thumbnail 60x60 EMC
EMC Analysis
Testing configurations, cable coupling, etc.
thumbnail 60x60 white papers
White Papers
Read more about specific applications


Which numerical method is most applicable to each application?

Review the Applications and Solution Method Selection Table as part of a description of FEKO's numerical methods.