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Antenna Synthesis

Antenna Design with Antenna Magus
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Antenna Magus is an antenna synthesis tool.  It offers a huge searchable collection of antennas, which can be explored to find and design antennas to user specification.  Ready-to-run FEKO models can be exported, which makes Antenna Magus an ideal tool to complement FEKO.

Learn more about the features of Antenna Magus at the Antenna Magus user interface page.

Antenna Magus is a product of Magus (Pty) Ltd and is available through the global FEKO sales network.


Antenna Magus in the Design Cycle

The typical antenna design process can be visualised with the following flow-chart:

Design cycle without Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus speeds up the design process by performing all the steps shown in orange, i.e. choosing an appropriate antenna topology, finding information on the antenna, creating and validating a model, designing with this model in place and fast estimates of the new antenna's performance. The new, streamlined antenna design process is as follows:

Design cycle with Antenna Magus


Typical Applications for Antenna Magus Combined with FEKO

  • Rapidly design customized antennas for new applications. Experienced antenna designers can use Antenna Magus to confirm that they’ve considered a wide range of solutions for their current design requirements, select an appropriate design, export the Antenna Magus model to FEKO and then use FEKO for design customization and optimization.
  • Antenna placement studies with standard 3rd party antennas. System engineers often buy standard antennas off the shelf, but have to confirm that these antennas will work in the environment where they will be deployed. FEKO models for such antennas are rarely readily available and engineers could use Antenna Magus to generate FEKO models that closely represent off-the-shelf antennas for use in antenna placement studies.


Typical Workflow for Antenna Magus Combined with FEKO

  1. Identify a suitable antenna within the Antenna Magus database.
  2. Use Antenna Magus to quickly establish a first-order design of the antenna.
  3. From within Antenna Magus, export a high quality, parametric model of the designed antenna to FEKO.
  4. In FEKO, verify the performance of the antenna and make small adjustments as necessary, using the state-of-the-art, rigorous, full-wave solver of FEKO.
  5. In FEKO, the antenna design can be further customised to satisfy specialised design criteria and incorporate additional features which are beyond the scope of Antenna Magus.
  6. In FEKO, the antenna can be mounted onto a superstructure for antenna placement and coupling studies. Such a structure could for example be an imported CAD model of a ship or aircraft.
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Additional Information