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Microstrip Circuits

Microstrip Circuits
3D series inductor
Microstrip series inductor

When circuit trace lengths become comparable to the wavelength, full wave 3D EM analysis must be used to simulate such circuits. Typical geometries and phenomena to model, include:

  • Traces on and in multi-layer substrates
  • Via connections between traces on different layers
  • Results over a wide band
  • Coupling between ports (parasitic and intended)
  • Near fields and radiated far fields

FEKO features applicable to simulation of such problems include:

  • Multi-layer planar dielectric MoM for the analysis of substrates
  • Adaptive frequency sampling for efficient calculation of wide band results
  • Import/export of S-parameters from/to Touchstone (*.SnP files)
  • Distributed memory solution for fast calculation of large problems with many structures embedded in multi-layer substrate


 Split-Ring Resonator (SRR) filter prototype
 SRR filter resonating at 2 GHz


Additional Information

Additional Information