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Radomes are generally electrically large structures, often consisting of more than one layer of dielectric that is spaced closely. The simulation of such structures stress computational resources greatly, making the choice of simulation method extremely important.

FEKO provides the following simulation techniques that were designed specifically for electrically large structures:

  • Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), best suited to radomes with few dielectric layers.
  • Method of Moments / Physical Optics (MoM/PO) hybridisation, best suited to high frequency simulations.
  • Finite Element Method / Method of Moments (FEM/MoM) hybridisation, which is  applicable to arbitrarily inhomogeneous dielectrics.
  • Finite Element Method / Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (FEM/MLFMM) hybridisation, which is  applicable to arbitrarily inhomogeneous dielectrics which are electrically large themselves or which are located in close proximity to electrically large metallic structures.
  • Method of Moments / Geometric Optics (MoM/GO) hybridisation, combining detailed radiating element modelling with ray-launching technology for large complex dielectric structures.
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Additional Information