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RFID tag current distribution - split image

The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions is widespread. From simply tagging retail items to comprehensive supply chain management, tags are being used to automate the tracking of items. One of the major challenges in designing and deploying RFID systems is to ensure proper communication between tag antennas and reader antennas, taking into consideration the potentially complex operating environment. Electromagnetic modelling of the system can play an important role.


FEKO can be used to model tag antennas and tag placement

  • Tag antenna operation
  • Effect of bending the tag antenna
  • Effect of mounting the tag on an item, on tag performance


FEKO can be used to model RFID reader antennas and operating environments

  • Reader antenna operation
  • Reader antenna mounted on vehicle
  • Effect of complex environment
  • Indoor propagation
  • Coupling parameters between reader antenna and tag antenna


TI reference tag current distribution
tag on bottle
tag reader antenna on forklift
Tag antenna current distribution Effect of bottle on tag antenna performance Radiation patterns of a tag reader antenna mounted on a forklift
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Additional Information