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Special Materials

Special Materials
Jerusalem cross FSS

Synthetic material and periodic structures with special electromagnetic properties have a wide range of applications, for example

  • Design of periodic structures to act as frequency selective surfaces (FSS)
  • Antenna placement analysis on structures made of carbon fibre
  • Analysing antennas that make use of metamaterials

FEKO provides a range of features to effectively simulate such problems:

  • Periodic boundary conditions to analyse complex, periodically repeating structures
  • Anisotropic material modelling to allow the specification of materials with different conductivity in orthogonal directions
  • User specifiable material parameters enable metamaterial simulation


JerCross unit cell geometry
Metamaterial example result
Periodic boundary condition unit cell
Metamaterial resonator


Example: Scattering by a Carbon Fibre Plate

  • 2 square plates, side by side, each 1 square wavelength in size
  • both plates have conductivity = 4e4 S/m  (the same as fibres or carbon fibre)
  • left plate is modelled as an anisotropic material (e.g. carbon fibre) with fibre conductivity vertically aligned
  • a plane wave with vertical or horisontal polarisation is incident on the plates from a normal direction
Vertically polarized incident plane wave

Horizontally polarized incident plane wave
Additional Information

Additional Information