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Product Detail

Learn more about technical features, supported platforms and licencing.
Product Details

FEKO is based on sophisticated numerical methods to solve complex electromagnetic engineering problems. To understand the capabilities of FEKO this section describes these methods, as well as the user interface and other important software features and licencing options. Antenna Magus features are also described here.

thumbnail 60x60 FEKO logo Overview of FEKO
List of technical features
Cloud Computing
FEKO is supported by the Altair Cloud Solution
thumbnail 60x60 numerical methods Numerical Methods
More on the computational engine of FEKO
thumbnail 60x60 FEKO logo
FEKO LITE has been replaced by HW Student Edition
domaindecomposition_icon_60x60px.png Domain Decomposition
Systematic breaking up of a problem into sub-problems for efficient simulation
thumbnail 60x60 interfaces Interfaces, Cooperation
Interfacing and cooperation with other tools
thumbnail 60x60 productivity features
Productivity Features
Features adding value to the numerical methods
thumbnail 60x60 Antenna Magus logo Antenna Magus
Learn about the user-friendly antenna synthesis interface
thumbnail 60x60 user interface
User Interface
Learn about the user-friendly interface
thumbnail 60x60 antenna database Antenna Database
Which antenna topologies can be synthesised?
thumbnail 60x60 parallel processing
Parallel Processing
The computational engine is fully parallelised
optennilab_icon_60x60px.jpg Optenni Lab
Synthesis of passive matching networks
thumbnail 60x60 platforms
Platforms and Licences
FEKO is available under the Altair HyperWorks Licencing Scheme
thumbnail 60x60 videos
Videos and Webinars
Features and applications of FEKO
thumbnail 60x60 automatic updates
Automatic Updates
Receive and install software updates automatically
thumbnail 60x60 white papers
White Papers
Read more on applications of all these features