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Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab

Antenna Matching

OptenniLogo.pngAn important task for an antenna design engineer is to ensure that technical specifications are met for antenna bandwidth and efficiency. This can be achieved through physical changes to the antenna or by using a matching circuit. Optenni Lab provides fully automatic matching circuit generation and optimization routines. The user only needs to specify the desired frequency range and number of components in the matching circuit after which Optenni Lab provides a choice of optimized matching circuit topologies. Optenni Lab uses accurate inductor and capacitor models from major component manufacturers and a fast tolerance analysis to ensure that the manufactured matching circuits will meet the design criteria, making it an ideal tool to compliment FEKO.

Optenni Lab in the Design Cycle

A typical antenna design process can be visualised with the following flow-chart.


The process shown above is automated with the Optenni Lab: Port Matching macro found in CADFEKO under the Application Macro menu: the simulated S-parameter response is automatically sent to Optenni Lab in Touchstone format, once the matching network has been design it is added to the CADFEKO model as a non-radiating network.

Distribution and Technical Support

Optenni Lab is a product of Optenni Ltd and is available through the Altair Partner Alliance. Please visit the Optenni Lab APA page for more information.

A free 30 day evaluation version of Optenni Lab can be requested from the Optenni Lab download area.

Additional Information

Additional Information