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Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus
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Antenna Magus is the first design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable collection of antennas can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to FEKO.

Antenna Magus does not aim to replace electromagnetic analysis tools like FEKO. It reduces the time to find and assess feasible antenna topologies for any given application, providing reliable initial designs and validated simulation models. It complements FEKO very well, as important tools within the antenna synthesis process.

Antenna Magus is a product of Magus (Pty) Ltd and is available through the global FEKO sales network.

The Antenna Magus user interface is based on three design phases


  • Searchable collection of more than 200 antennas.
  • Collection updated regularly to provide users with confidence that all possible antenna designs are considered.
  • Information on antennas are provided in a standardised format to simplify the comparison of different antennas.
  • Quick summaries, as well as detailed information is provided for each antenna.


Antenna thumbs high res.jpg
Antenna collection thumbnails
Exploring antenna solution options
Information browser description of a log-periodic antenna

Design and Estimate Performance

  • Antennas are designed to meet performance specifications.
  • Thoroughly tested design algorithms ensure that designs meet specified criteria.
  • Performance of a designated antenna is rapidly predicted and applicable graphs are displayed, e.g. S-parameters, VSWR, gain.

Graphs Magus 3.jpg
Design of a corrugated horn

Estimating antenna performance
Estimated performance of a
microstrip antenna


Deliver and Export Models

  • Easily and instantly generate “ready-to-run” FEKO models from designs.
  • The latest FEKO simulation features are incorporated in exported models, making it easier for antenna designers to leverage the strengths of FEKO features.


Export view of a discone antenna
Exporting a corrugated
horn antenna

FEKO model exported by
Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus also provide various tools to assist antenna designers in their work

Knowledge Management System

Many engineers have a need to manage proprietary antenna information in such a way that it is well structured, easily accessible and can be shared amongst colleagues and working groups.  Antenna Magus provides such a framework to store information like documents, sketches, design algorithms, measured data and models in a logical, accessible way.  The framework is consistent amongst all antennas in the Antenna Magus database, making it easy to find information and compare different antennas.   As more knowledge of a specific antenna is gained, or as specifications and requirements change, the information can easily be extended and improved.   Once information has been captured, it can easily (and securely) be shared amongst colleagues or friends.


Chart Tracing Tool

The chart tracing tool started as an in-house application used by Antenna Magus engineers to read off design values and to digitise traces from scanned graphs for comparison with other data sets, but proved so useful that it was included as a utility in Antenna Magus.



Substrate library

The substrate library contains an extensive list of commercial substrates and allows for the easy addition of user specified substrates. This eliminates the need to search literature or the internet for suitable substrates for a given antenna element. The substrate library is one click away and it conveniently filters the whole database of substrates according to specified physical or electrical properties.

Waveguide library

This library is a collection of common designations and standardised waveguide types and sizes. It can be used to easily find the dimensions of a specific designation or to find the electrical characteristics of a standard guide. Cut-off frequencies, as well as usage frequency ranges are indicated in the library. Custom waveguides that may be in use in a company/industry can easily be added to the library for later reference.



Antenna designs often require the use of a transition from one guiding structure to another (e.g. waveguide to coax or circular to rectangular guide) or from one impedance to another within the same guiding structure (an impedance transformer).

While the main focus of Antenna Magus development is to expand its database of antennas, specific transitions are included that are useful when working with the antennas in the Antenna Magus database.

Available transitions can be inspected as part of the Antenna Magus Database page on this website.

Additional Information

Additional Information