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Automatic Updates

Updates for FEKO are provided on a regular basis. The FEKO Update tool can be used to check if there are updates and manage the download and installation of such updates.
  • The sources for updates can either be
    • The online repository
    • or a company "local repository", typically useful in LAN environments that are behind firewalls or not connected to the internet, or in companies with multiple FEKO installations.
  • GUI and command-line versions
  • Suite-wide operation require no manual update of individual components
  • Incremental updates ensures minimum downloads
  • A roll-back mechanism ensures that if the update process fails the existing software remains intact and re-running of the updater will complete the update process.
The "Known problems /bugs and updates" link from each Suite page provides access to fixes / updates where the update tool is not appropriate and access to the master repositories.


Online repository Local LAN repository
web_repos.gif local_repos.gif