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Domain Decomposition

Information on domain decomposition methods in FEKO.
Domain Decomposition

Domain decomposition is the systematic exploitation of knowledge about a problem to break it up into underlying or more fundamental problems that simulate faster or more efficiently than for the full problem, while yielding comparable accuracy of results.

FEKO_NGF_matrix_60x60.jpg Numerical Green's Function
Decompose MoM solution spaces in static and dynamic parts, reusing static parts in following solutions.
thumbnail_large_finite_arrays_60x60.jpg Large Finite Array Analysis
Model large finite arrays optimally taking into account mutual coupling and edge effects.
thumbnail 60x60 periodic analysis Periodic Analysis
For periodically repetitive linear and planar structures.
Equivalent_TX_RX_icon_60x60px.jpg Model Decomposition
Numerically efficient equivalent sources for complex sources and receivers.
thumbnail 60x60 cable coupling Cable Coupling
Include complex cable bundle networks in full-wave simulations
Additional Information

Additional Information