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Productivity Features

FEKO offers many features to enhance the productivity and performance of the simulations.
Productivity Features
thumbnail 60x60 AFS
Adaptive Frequency Sampling (AFS)
Rapid calculation of frequency sweeps
thumbnail 60x60 cable coupling
Cable Coupling
Include complex cable bundle networks in full-wave simulations

thumbnail 60x60 characteristic mode analysis

Characteristic Mode Analysis
Calculate the current modes of a structure along with the associated eigenvalues, modal significance and characteristic fields.
thumbnail 60x60 error estimation
Error Estimation and Adaptive Meshing
Assess the mesh quality and errors that might be caused by insufficient mesh
thumbnail 60x60 GPU
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Acceleration
Accelerate simulation speed with GPU processing
thumbnail_large_finite_arrays_60x60.jpg Large Finite Array Analysis
Model large finite arrays optimally taking into account mutual coupling and edge effects.


Lua Scripting and Automation
Control FEKO with Lua scripts and automate repetitive actions.
thumbnail_multiple_solution_configurations_60x60.png Multiple Solution Configurations
Solve several problems using a single model.
thumbnail 60x60 non-radiating networks
Non-Radiating Networks
Include complex networks in full-wave simulations
FEKO6p3_continuous_FF_60x60icon.jpg Fast Continuous Far Field Calculations
Automatically compute a continuous representation of a far-field radiation pattern.
thumbnail 60x60 Optimisation
Optimise parameters in parametric models
thumbnail 60x60 out-of-core solver
Out-of-Core Solver
Maximum solver efficiency when employing secondary memory
thumbnail 60x60 periodic analysis
Periodic Analysis
For repetitive linear and planar structures
thumbnail 60x60 symmetry
For increased solver efficiency
thumbnail 60x60 time domain
Time Domain Analysis
Pulse excitations and outputs