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Standards Compliance

Compliance with various industry standards.

Company, product and description of standard.

Intel Cluster Ready

EMSS works closely with Intel to achieve the best possible performance from cluster computing environments. In this endeavour, Intel certified (Suite 5.3, Sept. 2007 and Suite 5.5, Sept. 2009) FEKO as "Intel Cluster Ready". Intel Cluster Ready is a platform architecture delivering clusters that work.  Every certified cluster is fully tested and arrives ready to run, assuring application compatibility and ease of deployment.

RedHat RedHat Ready

As part of a German Automotive Company initiative, FEKO has been certified as "RedHat Ready".

(ISV)/Software Solution Competency Program

FEKO has been tested and meets the criteria for Microsoft's Independent Software Vendor (ISV)/Software Solution Competency Program. (Read more: FEKO Suite 5.4 Passes Microsoft's “Platform Test for ISV Solutions").


The Windows installation of FEKO Suite 5.5 is certified by Veritest (partner of Microsoft) for both client (Windows XP) and server (Windows HPC) environments.

Windows Server 2012 Certified

FEKO Suite 6.2 has passed the all tests specific by Microsoft to be approved as Windows Server 2012 Certified.

Compatible with Windows 8

FEKO Suite 6.2 has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows 8.