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Here we provide online support to evaluators and our customers with maintenance and support contracts.
thumbnail 60x60 getting started
Getting Started
How to download, install, licence and start using FEKO
POSTFEKO_productivity_features_scripting_icon_60x60px.png Lua Scripts
Useful Lua scripts that extend FEKO's capabilities.
thumbnail 60x60 support contacts
Support Contacts
Contact details of regional support engineers
thumbnail 60x60 FEKO models ver2
FEKO Models
White papers with FEKO models attached for download (log in required)
thumbnail 60x60 training
Training and Courses
Introductory training and other courses available to FEKO customers
thumbnail 60x60 help centre
Help Centre
FAQs, HOWTOs, etc. (log in required)
FEKO_projects_icon_large.jpg Consulting Projects:
Contact your local Altair Office
thumbnail 60x60 videos
Instructional Videos
Demonstration videos on using various FEKO features (log in required)
thumbnail 60x60 Academic Use Altair University

Known Problems and Bugs
Information on known issues in the latest release of FEKO. (log in required)


New content on the FEKO website

New content on the FEKO website

The following content was added to the FEKO website in the last month.