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Getting Started

Learning FEKO

Starting to Use FEKO

The following three steps are recommended.

1.  Work through the FEKO Getting Started Guide. You can find a link to the FEKO Getting Started Guide under the "Help" tab of CADFEKO.  This is a step by step guide that will teach you the basics of how to use FEKO.

2.  Work through the FEKO Examples Guide. If you are familiar with the FEKO work flow and user interface you can choose to work through the FEKO Examples Guide or choose specific examples that interest you.  The files are located in the FEKO installation directory.  These examples are designed to teach the reader some specific features or application of FEKO, so they aim to add to the depth of knowledge about FEKO, rather than the breadth.

3.  Download a trial version of Antenna Magus and export ready-to-run FEKO models to experiment with. Antenna Magus is an antenna synthesis tool with a simple and easy to use interface that can be used to design antennas and export models of these antennas to FEKO.  To start working with "ready-to-run" FEKO models (that use the latest simulation features in FEKO), download a trial version of Antenna Magus and use it to create FEKO models that you can use to explore FEKO's abilities, without the complexity of creating your own models.