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Introduction to FEKO - Altair's Comprehensive EM Analysis Software Suite

Introduction to FEKO - Altair's Comprehensive EM Analysis Software Suite

POSTFEKO Pulse Propagation and Reflection Video Clip

POSTFEKO may be used to perform time domain investigations.  The following clip demonstrates how a plane wave is scattered from a sphere and plate.

Current Distribution Over Printed Rotman Lens (November 2012)

This clip demonstrates how energy incident on a single port of the Rotman lens is equally distributed to all relevant output ports of the lens.  As this lens is a printed circuit, the MoM planar Green's function method was used to model the lens in FEKO and animations were produced in POSTFEKO.


Software Demonstration

Introduction to CADFEKO (May 2014)

An introduction to the CADFEKO UI in FEKO Suite 7.0.  The focus is on explaining the layout of the interface and usability features.

Introduction to POSTFEKO (May 2014)

An introduction to the POSTFEKO UI in FEKO Suite 7.0.  The focus is on explaining the layout of the interface and usability features.

Modelling a microstrip coupler using the FDTD solver (May 2014)

This video demonstrates the new FDTD solver in FEKO Suite 7.0.  The FDTD is used to model a four port microstrip coupler.

CAD Fixing Tools (October 2013)

FEKO Suite 6.3 offers advanced CAD fixing tools for users who regularly import geometry.  This video demonstrates some of these tools.

Cable Modelling Tools (October 2013)

FEKO Suite 6.3 offers advanced CAD fixing tools for users who regularly import geometry.  This video demonstrates some of these tools.

Multiple Solution Configurations (September 2012)

CADFEKO and POSTFEKO of FEKO 6.2 introduce support for multiple solution configurations for a single physical model.  Various source and request combinations may be grouped into a single model environment.

Time Domain Analysis in POSTFEKO (September 2012)

A demonstration of how to leverage the time domain processing features introduced in POSTFEKO of FEKO 6.2.

Optimisation Tools in FEKO (September 2012)

A bent dipole is placed in front of a metallic plate and the gain of the dipole is optimised to demonstrate the optimisation features of FEKO 6.2.

Application Focus

Modeling an L-band Horn Antenna in CADFEKO (October 2013)

A FEKO 6.3 demonstration which highlights how an L-band horn antenna may be modeled with appropriate waveguide ports and sources.

Analysis of the Shielding Effectiveness of a Metallic Enclosure (October 2013)

FEKO 6.3 is used to model a metallic box with a slot in before computing the shielding effectiveness of the structure in a classic EMI/EMC problem.

Large Finite Array Solver (September 2012)

A FEKO 6.2 demonstration of how to use the large finite array solver tools.

Conformal Antenna Design and Placement (December 2010)

A conformal antenna is designed for a proximity fuze on an air defence missile. Antenna Magus and FEKO is used for synthesis and modelling of the antenna. Commentary includes information on the selection of appropriate simulation methods.



Interesting and informative webinars are regularly presented by our knowledgeable team of engineers and hosted through 'GoToWebinar'. The following is a list of webinars with recordings that may be reviewed online.  Also see the FEKO events calendar for upcoming webinars.

To view recordings of more recent webinars, please visit the Altair HyperWorks Resource Library.

Radar Cross Section & Antenna Placement on a Ship at Sea

Due to the size and complexity of a Navy ship at sea, proper calculation of radar cross section and of antenna coverage has long been elusive.

This webinar will show how, with hybrid numerical methods available today, it has become possible. The practical pros and cons of various methods are introduced, after which results for a broad frequency range will be shown, up to many GHz for a realistic large Navy frigate.

Presenter:  Martin Vogel

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EM Design in the Electronics Industry

This webinar covers FEKO’s role in the design and optimization cycle’s typical to the electronics industry. These include early stage antenna selection, automated optimization, tolerance analysis and what-if trade-off investigations. Antenna integration, matching and performance for various conditions are also discussed.

Presenter:  Peter Futter

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Efficient Antenna Array Design

FEKO contains various techniques for the efficient modeling of antenna arrays during the design process.  The application and advantages of techniques such as periodic boundary conditions (PBC), the domain Green's function method (DGFM) and equivalent sources for efficient array modeling are demonstrated in this webinar.

Presenter: Johan Huysamen

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The Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) Advantage

In this webinar we cover some of the theory of CMA, as well as present several new case studies highlighting the CMA design advantage. These include optimum feeding and placement of antennas on platforms and decoupling of antenna elements in a MIMO configuration.

Presenter:  Peter Futter

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An Introduction to FEKO

This webinar is aimed primarily at new users of FEKO.  Topics include the user interface, model set-up, solver selection and a few tips and tricks, mainly by means of demonstrations.

Presenter:  Mel van Rooyen

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Radomes with Frequency Selective Surfaces

Presenter:  Dr CJ Reddy

Radomes (radar domes) are used in a wide variety of applications - satellites, broadcast,weather, communications, telemetry, tracking, surveillance and radio astronomy.

In this webinar we present a complete solution for the design and analysis of radomes.  We also discuss in detail the challenges and the solutions to the design and analysis of Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) radomes.

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Electromagnetic Applications in the Automotive Industry

Presenter:  Dr Markus Schick

We start with an overview about the different numerical methods. The main part of the presentation illustrates the application of these methods to the solution of typical automotive problems. Different automotive applications are also  presented as well as comparisons with measurements. A number of examples are shown highlighting electromagnetic compatibility, cable coupling, antenna design and placement, remote keyless entry systems, radar collision avoidance and many more.

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Electromagnetic Applications in the Defense Industry

Presenter:  Dr CJ Reddy

Advance solver technology in FEKO has made simulation of antennas and integration of antennas on various ground, sea and air platforms possible.  Efficient simulations can be performed to evaluate the effects of antenna design, placement, radiation hazard, EMC/EMI, etc.

FEKO incorporates not only full wave solvers, but also asymptotic solvers, making it highly suitable for comprehensive EM simulations.

In this webinar we present a wide range of FEKO simulations for the defense industry including antenna designs, placement studies, co-site interference, radiation hazards for soldiers as well as ordinances and cross section calculations.

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EM Field Considerations in Healthcare

Presenter:  Peter Futter : Application Engineer

Repeatedly, systems that are developed for the healthcare industry are at the technology forefront, striving towards ubiquitous computing.  These include remote patient monitoring, drug delivery and treatment, active implanted devices and sophisticated imaging systems like MRI.  In many of these systems wireless telemetry is embraced, utilizing spectrum from the low MHz to tens of GHz depending on the application. From vital sensor networks and active implanted devices to MRI systems and MW imaging: each and every technology has its own challenges, which are made more critical due to the proximity of the patient or medical personnel.  Safety is paramount and strictly controlled by relevant standards.  This webinar covers several case studies highlighting how electromagnetics simulation is applied to develop technology for the healthcare industry.

New Features in FEKO Suite 7.0

Presenter:  Dr Jordi Soler : FEKO Business Development Manager

This webinar highlights the new features in the FEKO Suite 7.0 release and their application to the solution of practical electromagnetic problems. We introduce the MLFMM-PO hybrid technique and the FDTD method as new additions to FEKO's wide set of solvers. The webinar covers, among others, the functionalities, workflow and some examples of how users will be able to work with and take profit from the new methods.

Tips & Tricks in FEKO

Presenter:  Danie le Roux : Team Leader FEKO Support

In this webinar we demonstrate features and methods across the FEKO Suite that will assist users to efficiently construct models, solve models and view the results.

HPC Usage in FEKO

Presenter:  Dr Ulrich Jakobus : Director & FEKO Product Manager

This webinar demonstrates the advantages of advanced solution options that FEKO offers independent from the various solutions techniques or applications to specific electromagnetic problems:

  • Parallel processing for multicore machines
  • Parallel processing for clusters of computers (and hybrid multicore clusters)
  • GPU computing
  • Remote launching
  • Integration into queuing systems
  • Advanced licencing options like premium floating allowing to split the GUI and KERNEL components


Lua Scripting & General Automation in FEKO

Presenter:  Andries Maritz : Engineer

Scripting has been made available to the user interface components of FEKO.  With scripting, it is possible to extend and customise the user interface to automate tasks and process data.  In this webinar we demonstrate and highlight the basic concepts of scripting and introduce some helpful resources to assist the user.  Several practical examples are also be shown, varying from simple productivity tweaks through to advanced data processing.

Radome Analysis Techniques in FEKO

Presenter:  Gopinath Gampala : Senior Application Engineer

We discuss the numerical methods and special features available for the design and analysis of radomes. These include planar multi-layered substrates and periodic boundary analysis for frequency selective surfaces (FSS).  The Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), efficient ray-launching Geometrical Optics (RL-GO), and the Thin Dielettric Sheet (TDS) approximation are the options available for the analysis of electrically large radomes.

Time Domain Field / Cable Coupling Analysis for EMC Applications

Presenter:  Dr Marlize Schoeman: Kernel Research & Development

Many modern electromagnetic systems involve cables. From an EMC and EMI perspective it is crucial that coupling effects involving these cables and other devices (e.g. antennas) are already taken into account in the design process. The susceptibility and emissions performance of a  complex system will be illustrated with focus on time domain principles and results.

Overview of FEKO Suite 6.3

Presenter:  Dr Ulrich Jakobus : Director & FEKO Product Manager

This webinar gives an overview of the new features in the FEKO Suite 6.3 release from October 2013 and their application to the solution of practical electromagnetic problems. It covers both new user interface features, such as advanced CAD fixing tools and application automation, as well as extensions to the computational kernel of FEKO, e.g. fast continuous far-field calculations, curvilinear higher order basis functions, extensions to the characteristic mode solver, etc.

Intelligent Design with Characteristic Mode Analysis

Presenter:  Danie Ludick : FEKO Kernel Engineer

Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) gives insight into the resonating behaviour of structures such as antennas.  This helps designers to follow a systematic, intelligent design approach, through the insight provided by the eigenvalue spectrum and the eigenvector distribution.

In this webinar we look at some background theory to CMA and present several case studies which highlight how CMA facilitates antenna design and place.

CAD Fixing in FEKO

Presenter:  Mel van Rooyen : Senior Technical Support Engineer

A new set of geometry manipulation tools have been developed for FEKO Suite 6.3. These tools, available in CADFEKO, are dedicated to the repair of a range of CAD geometry problems. It prepares the fault-containing CAD model for FEKO analysis by reducing complexity and faults in the model.

The repair part and hole filling tools are some of the highlights that were demonstrated in this webinar.

Antenna Design & Analysis using FEKO, Antenna Magus & Optenni Lab

Presenter:  Ernst Burger : Team Leader FEKO Services

FEKO, Antenna Magus and Optenni Lab form a powerful tool chain for the design of complete antenna solutions.  The tools combine antenna synthesis based on a search for antenna properties, full-wave simulation of the antenna and automated matching of the antenna with discrete component passive networks.  This webinar will demonstrate the flow of information from Antenna Magus to FEKO and subsequent matching of the antenna with Optenni Lab.  It will be of interest to anyone interested in antenna design or application of these tools to a practical problem.